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In this post, we cover all important Questions from the topic "CSS Framework".

These MCQs will definitely help to pass IT and Computer students in any exam and interview that have CSS Framework topic.

The CSS Framework chapter covers the following topics:

Web Site Development using W3.CSS Framework, W3.CSS Intro, W3.CSS Colors, W3.CSS Containers, W3.CSS Panels, W3.CSSBorders, W3.CSSFonts, W3.CSS Text, W3.CSS Tables, W3.CSS List, W3.CSSImages, W3.CSS Grid.

After completion of the CSS Framework unit, Students are expected to be able to use CSS Framework to develop web site effectively.

CSS Framework MCQs

Here are the 51 most important and frequently asked MCQs from the  "CSS Framework" topic.

1. To set border on all slides
a) w3_border
b) w3-border 
c) w3-borders
d) w3-bordered 
Ans.b) w3-border 

2. The__________ class adds rounded corners to an image.
a) w3-grid
b) w3-card
c) w3-panel 
d) w3-round
Ans.d) w3-round 

3. w3-col defines the number of columns occupied in the 12 column system.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

4. The rounded element with border radius 4px:
a) W3-bordered
b) ul opening tag
c) 0li opening tag 
d) W3-round 
Ans. d) W3-round 

5. Bootstrap was first introduced in ______
a) google
b) twitter
c) instagram
d) snapchat
Ans.b) twitter

6. W3.css is
a) Free to use Framework
b) Shareware
c) Trailware
d) A paid Framework
Ans.a) Free to use Framework

7. Which one of the following w3.css?
a) w3.color
b) w3-background-color 
c) w3-bgcolor
d) w3.color 
Ans.a) w3.color

8. Which is not a tool to build responsive websites?
a) skeleton
b) bookmarklets
c) code editors
d) web browsers
Ans.a) skeleton

9. The w3-hover opacity class adds transparency to the image when mouse
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

10. By using visual aesthetics of a table, use__________ class adds an effects to the
table which changes the table row color upon mouse hover.
a) w3-hoverable
b) w3-hoaver
c) w3-round
d) w3-opal
Ans.a) w3-hoverable

11. Which of the class to set the element of text color?
a) w3.text.color
b) w3.css-text-colorde 
c) w3-text-color
d) w3.text.color 

12. __________ class is the perfect class to display notes and information.
a) w3-grid
b) w3-card
c) w3-panel 
d) w3-round
Ans.c) w3-panel 

13. In which classes to give hoverable background colors to the text and button
by using.
a) w3-hover-color
b) w3.hover-color 
c) w3:hover-color
d) w3-hoverable-color

14. Adjacent sibling selector is defined with the notation _____________
a) #
b) $
c) %
d) +
Ans.d) +

15. Which class to write bordered shadow for displaying paper-like cards?
a) w3-card 
b) w3:card
c) w3.card 
d) None of the above
Ans.a) w3-card 

16. What type of selector is used in case?
P {line-height:150%;}

a) class selector
b) element selector
c) id Selector
d) none of the mentioned
Ans. a) class selector

17. Which of these the w3-container class is not used for HTML container
element like?
a) <div> 
b) <span>
c) <footer> 
d) <article>

18. W3.CSS default font size is 20px.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

19. User can give padding to the text by using __________ () class which gives 16px
left and right padding by default and which does not give top and bottom

a) w3-grid
b) w3-card
c) w3-panel 
d) w3-container
Ans.d) w3-container

20. W3-row-padding 
a) Which padded container
for responsive columns 
b) Which padded elements
for responsive columns
c) Which padded container
for bordered columns
d) Which padded container
for responsive Rows  
Ans. a)

21. ____ classes set the background color for any element.
a) w3-backgroundcolor
b) w3-color
c) w3-bgcolor 
d) w3_color
Ans. a) w3-backgroundcolor

22. The w3-li class is used to display a basic list.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

23. Which font is default in Skeleton sets?
a) Helvetica Neue
b) Ariel
c) sans-serif
d) Calibri
Ans. a) Helvetica Neue

24. The w3-color-opacity classes make images transparent.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

25.  Which of the following is not
included in the framework?
a) font sizes
b) css reset
c) button styles
d) forms
Ans. d) forms

26. W3.CSS is not compatible with opera and safari browsers.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

27. To add bottom border to each row of
the table by using
a) style-border
b) W3-row-bordered
c) W3-bordered
d) W3-round-small 
Ans. c) W3-bordered

28. Sass is based on ___________
a) Ruby
b) jQuery
c) JavaScript
d) PHP
Ans.a) Ruby

29. W3-round-jumbo 
a) Is rounded column with
border radius 32 px 
b) Is rounded form with
border jumbo  64 px 
c) Is rounded element with
border radius 64 px 
d) Is rounded element with
jumbo radius 64 px 
Ans. c)

30. The default font in verdana, which has a good letter spacing in W3.CSS.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

31. It is the rounded element with border radius 2px
a) S4
b) W3-row-padding
c) W3-bordered
d) W3-round-small 
Ans. d) W3-round-small 

32. To create a simple table, with no affects and striping, simple use__________
class inside the table tag of the table.
a) w3-border
b) w3-tb
c) w3-table
d) w3-tbl
Ans.c) w3-table

33. Column-level styles for small screen
devices defines as
a) A1
b) C2
c) C4
d) S4
Ans. d) S4

34. To create a table having strips, border around the strips and borders
around the whole table, create a table and add__________ class to the opening
table tag.
a) w3-table-open
b) w3-table-border
c) w3-table-all
d) w3-table-round
Ans.c) w3-table-all

35. To create a card with W3-CSS, use the __________ class with div.
a) w3-grid
b) w3-card 
c) w3-round
d) w3-container
Ans.b) w3-card 

36. Choose the correct class in W3.CSS to set the background color when mouse
is hovered over an element.
a) w3hover:color 
b) w3-color-hover
c) w3hover:color 
d) w3-hover-color
Ans.d) w3-hover-color

37. To add hover color to individual list item add w3-hover-color before
a) li opening tag
b) lu opening tag 
c) il opening tag
d) ul opening tag
Ans. a) li opening tag 

38. It is used to add transparency to the
image when mouse over
a) W3-transparant-hover
b) W3-hover-transparant
c) 3-hover-opacity 
d) W3-opacity
Ans. a) W3-hover-opacity 

39. w3-container class used to style multiple container type elements in a
similar style by adding.
a) Uniform
b) Padding
c) Fonts
d) All of the above 
Ans.d)All of the above

40. To position the text in an image__________ class is used in w3.css style.
a) w3-displayclasses
b) w3-displayimage
c) w3-displaystyle
d) w3-displayelements

41. To add background color of the
complete list add w3-color with
a) li opening tag
b) lu opening tag 
c) il opening tag
d) ul opening tag
Ans. d) ul opening tag

42. To use w3.css in you program________ add stylesheet document in the web page.
a) href=”https://www.w3school.com/lib/.css”
b) href=”http://www.w3school.com/lib/w3.css”
c) hrefs=”http://www.w3school.com/...lib/w3.css”
d) href=”https://www.w3school.com/

43. The w3-container class has default 16px left and right padding and no top
or bottom padding.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

44. To use html_________ in w3-contaner class can be used to display quotes to
add an extra left margin. 
a) <marginquote>
b) <leftquote>
c) <blockquote>
d) <extraquote>
Ans.c) <blockquote>

45. W3-bottombar is not a type of bar classes.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

46. For style foundation Bootstrap uses ____________
b) Sass
c) Resizer
d) Stylus
Ans.a) LESS

47. It specify the hoverable border col: 
a) W3-bordered
b) w3-hover-border-color
c) S4
d) li opening tag 
Ans. b) w3-hover-border-color 

48. There are two classes that add border in the W3.CSS tables. The first class is
__________ class that add border around the whole table. The second class is the
__________ class adds border around each strips.
a) w3-round, w3-border
b) w3-border, w3-bordered
c) w3-jumbo-table, w3-bordered
d) w3-w3-border, w3-border
Ans.w3-border, w3-bordered

49. Add w3-padding class to the image it adds a further padding between the
image and its border.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

50.Which class to set background color of any html element in w3.css?
a) w3.color 
b) w3_color
c) w3-color 
d) w3:color

51. How many columns are there in
the basic grid of a skeleton?
a) 17 
b) 12
c) 16 
d) 10

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