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In this post, we cover all important Questions on the topic "HTML".

These MCQs will definitely help to pass IT and Computer students in any exam and interview that have HTML topic.

The HTML chapter covers the following topics:

1. HTML: Introduction, Basic Structure of HTML, Head Section and Elements of Head Section. Formatting Tags: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Div, Pre Tag Anchor links and Named Anchors ImageTag, Paragraphs, Comments.

2. Tables: Attributes –(Border, Cellpadding, Cellspacing, height, width), TR, TH, TD, Rowspan, Colspan.

3. Lists: Ordered List, Unordered List, Definition List.

4. Forms, Form Elements, Input types, Input Attributes, Text Input Text Area, Dropdown, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Submit and Reset Buttons.

5. Frames: Frameset, nested Frames.

6. HTML 5 Introduction , HTML5 New

7. Elements: Section , Nav, Article , Aside, Audio Tag, Video Tag, HTML5 Form

8. Validations: Require Attribute, Pattern Attribute, Autofocus Attribute, email, number type, date type, Range type.

After completion of the HTML unit, Students are expected to be able to develop

static website using different HTML Controls.

HTML important MCQs

Here are the 50 most important and frequently asked MCQs from the  "HTML" topic.

1. How can you make a bullet list?
a) <dl> 
b) <nl>
c) <ul> 
d) <ol>
Ans. c) <ul> 

2. <a> tag in HTML is used for creating
a) List 
b) Links
c) Address 
d) None
Ans.b) Link

3. How can you make a numbered list?
a) <dl> 
b) <ol>
c) <list> 
d) <ul>
Ans. b) <ol>

4. To create HTML document you require a:
a) Webpage editing software
b) High powered computer
c) Just a notepad can be used
d) None of above

5. What tag allows to add a row in a table?
a) <td> and </td> 
b) <dr> and </dr>
c) <th> and </th> 
d) <tr> and </tr>
Ans.d) <tr> and </tr>

6. The base tag and frame tags can be used to embed an inline frame within a web page.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

7. Which from the following the following is not a type of screen frames in
a) iframe
b) noframe
c) frameset
d) uframe 
Ans.d) uframe 

8. Which tag inserts a line horizontally on your webpage ?
a) <hr>
b) <line>
c) <line directon = ''horizontal''>
d) <tr>
Ans.a) <hr>

9. Which pf the following is not the type of attribute for input tag?
a) day 
b) week
c) month 
d) time
Ans.a) day

10. What should be the first tag in any HTML document?
 a) <head> 
b) <title>
c) <html> 
d) <document>
Ans.c) <html>

11. How can you make a bullet list?
a) <input> 
b) <select>
c) <textarea> 
d) <base>
Ans.d) <base>

12. Radio buttons are small, round buttons that enable users to select a single option from a list of choices.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

13. What is the correct HTML of making a hyperlink?
a) <a href=””>Book Store</a>
b) <a name=””>Book Store</a>
d) url=>Book Store

14. A part from <b> tag what other tag makes text bold?
a) <blank>
b) <strong>
c) <bold>
d) None of above 
Ans.b) <strong> 

15. What should be the first tag in any HTML document?
a) <head> 
b) <title>
c) <html> 
d) <document>
Ans.c) <html> 

16. To insert a video, you use a video tag and set its src attribute to a local or remote URL containing a playable movie.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

17. What is the use of iframe in HTML
a) To display a web page within a web page
b) To display a web page with animation effect
c) To display a web page without a browser
d) All of the above

18. What is the correct HTML code for adding a background color?
a) <body color=''yeallow">
b) <body bgcolor=''yellow''>
c) <background> yellow</background>
d) <body background=''yellow''>

19. Choose the correct HTML tag to make the text italic)
a) <li> 
b) <italics>
c) <italic> 
d) <i>
Ans.d) <i>

20. The align and valign are the attributes uses with <td> tag to sent the alignment of data in a cell.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

21. <b> tag makes the enclosed text bold) What is
a) <strong>
b) <dar> 
c) <block>
d) <emp> 
Ans.a) <strong>

22. <!doctype html> is the correct syntax of doctype in HTML5.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

23. Which of the following defines a group of related option in a drop down
a) <form> 
b) <optgroup>
c) <output> 
d) <option>
Ans.b) <optgroup>

24. Which is not a valid extension for
HTML files?
a) .htm 
b) .phtml
c) .xml 
d) .shtml
Ans.c) .xml

25. Which tag is used to list individual items of an ordered list?
a) LI 
b) OL
c) UL 
d) None of the above
Ans.a) LI

26. The cellspacing attributes tells the browser how much space to include between the walls of the table.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

27. How can you open a link in new browser Window?
a) <a href=”url” new>
b) <a href=”url” target=”new”>
c) <a href=”url” target=”_blank”>
d) <a href=”url” target=””> 

28. The default value of border is 1.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

29. What does vlink attribute mean?
a) Visited link 
b) Virtual link
c) Very good link 
d) Active link
Ans. a) Visited link 

30. A webpage displays a picture. What tag was used to display that picture ?
a) picture 
b) image
c) img 
d) src
Ans.c) img 

31. The cellpadding attribute is used with <td> tag.
a) True
b) False
Ans.b) False

32. Which of these tags are all <table> tags?
a) <table><head><tfoot>
b) <table><tr><td> 
c) <table><tr><tt>
d) <thead><body><tr> 
Ans.b) <table><tr><td> 

33. The special formatting codes in HTML document used to present content are
a) tags
b) attributes
c) values
d) None of above
Ans.a) tags

34. What an article element contain
a) Audio
b) Text or embedded content
c) Image
d) Video 

35. <select> tag creates a checkbox for a form of HTML.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

36. Which tag creates a check box for a form in HTML?
a) <checkbox> 
b) <input type=”checkboc”>
c) <input=checkbox> 
d) <input checkbox>

37. In HTML document the tags
a) should be written in upper case
b) should be written in lower case
c) should be written in proper case
d) can be written in both upper case
or lower

38. Which of the following attribute is related to font tag?
a) size 
b) face
c) color 
d) All of the above

39. To insert a video, you use a tag and set its src attribute to local or remote
URL containing a playable movie.
a) True
b) False
Ans.a) True

40. Which of the following HTML 4 attributes is removed in HTML 5?
a) Text
b) Rules 
c) Link
d) All of the above 

41. HTML is considered as __________language.
a. Web
b. Objective
c. markup
d. dynamic
Ans. a. markup

42. _____ view shows the underlying HTML code for the page, but not how it will look on a
a. URL
b. Header
c. file
d. Code
Ans.d. Code

43. Page Designed in HTML is called as ______.
a. Web
b. File
d. WWW
Ans.a. Web

44. HTML program is saved using _______ extension.
b. XML
d. WAP

45. ________ tag used for unordered list in HTML.
a) <LU>
b) <OL>
c) <L>
d) <UL>
Ans.d) <UL>

46. _______ defines a section in a document.
a. <UL>
b. <div>
c. <Header>
d. <HTML>
Ans.b. <div>

47. ________defines an HTML form for user input.
a. <form>
b. <iform>
c. <border>
d. <header>

48. <meta> element can be added in the ____ section of HTML page.
a. <html>
b. <body>
c. <h1>
d. <head>
Ans.d. <head>

49. _______ defines a header for a document or secton.
a. Header
b. body
c. element
d. div
Ans.a. header

50. To create the hyperlink in webpage, we use ______tag.
a. <h>
b. <l>
c. <a>
d. <b>
Ans.c. <a>


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