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In this post, we cover all important Questions from the topic "Introduction to Web Design".

These MCQs will definitely help to pass IT and Computer students in any exam and interview that have Introduction to Web Design topic.

The Introduction to Web Design chapter covers the following topics:

1. Introduction of Internet, WWW.

2. What is Website? How the Website Works?.

3. Web pages, Front End, Back End.

4. Client and Server Scripting Languages.

5. Responsive Web Designing.

6. Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites).

After completion of the Introduction to Web Design unit, Students are expected to have good knowledge about:

  • Know the types of websites.
  • Know the role of front-end and back-end applications.
  • Understand the concept of client-side scripting and server-side scripting.

Introduction to Web Design MCQs

Here are the 40 most important and frequently asked MCQs from the  "Introduction to Web Design" topic.

1. Most worldwide web pages contain commands in the language:
a) WWW
b) WAP
d) IP
Ans/ b) WAP

2. Front-end is built using a
combination of:
a) HTML, CSS and PHP
b) C++, Javascript and PHP
c) HTML, Javascript and Angular JS
d) HTML, JavaScript and CSS 
Ans. d) HTML, JavaScript and CSS

3. Computer that requests the resources or data from other computer is called
as__________ computer.

a) Server
b) Super
c) Personal
d) Client
Ans.d) client 

4. A browser is a
a) Line that delineates the edge of a programmer window
b) Device used for modifying the window
c) Software programme especially designed for viewing web pages on the
d) None of the above

5. www is based on which model?
a) local-server
b) client-server
c) 3-tier
d) None of the above
Ans.b) client-server

6. To make the website mobile-friendly, you can make your website
a) Responsive
b) Reactive
c) Fast Loading
d) Light 
Ans.a) Responsive

7. Server-side scripts are:
a) A visible to the end-user
b) Defined to user 
c) Invisible to the end-user
d) Both (b) and (c) 

8. Static websites are generally designed using__________.

a) Serverside
b) Serverviewer
c) Dreamviewer
d) Clientviewer
Ans.c) Dreamviewer

9. The First page of website is called
a) Design
b) First page
c) Home page
d) Main page
Ans.c) Home page

10. Which of the following the use of small programs that are executed based on
user interaction with a web page is referred to as
a) Web scripting
b) Client-side scripting
c) Server side scripting
d) HTML 
Ans.a) Web scripting

11. ___ is known as the Father of the World wide web)
a) Tim Thompson
b) Tim Berners-Lee
c) Charles Darwin
d) Robert Chilliau
Ans.b) Tim Berners-Lee

12. Server-side scripting websites c languages and other is:
a) Server interaction mode
b) User interaction mode
c) Scripting engine
d) None of these 
Ans.c) Scripting engine

13. The first network that planted the seeds of the Internet was:

14. Connecting websites to backend servers, processing data, and controlling behavior of higher layers, all these things are done by
a) HTML Language
b) JavaScripts
c) CSS Scripts
d) None of the above
Ans.b) JavaScripts

15. A series of specially designed documents, which are all liked to view on
Internet is called:
a) World Wide Web
b) Web server
c) Search engine
d) Both (b) and (c) 
Ans.a) World Wide Web

16. A website address is unique name that identifies a specific__________ on the
a) Web browser 
b) PDA
c) Website 
d) None of the above
Ans.c) Website 

17. The Internet uses the____as the protocol engine.
d) PPP
Ans.c) TCP/IP

18. A word in a webpage that, when clicked, opens another document is called

Ans.d) Hyperlink 

19. __________ is a cross-platform source code editor with a Python application
programming interface.
a) Notepad
b) Notepad++
c) Sublime Text 
Ans.c) Sublime Text 

20. Web Crawler has a web robot called
a) Crawler Robot
b) Crawl bot
c) Web bot
d) Web robot
Ans.c) Web bot

21. For a small website, one needs to buy space from the __________.
a) ISP
b) IPS
c) PSI
d) ISI
Ans. a) ISP 

22. A piece of icon or image on a web page associated with another webpage is called
a) URL
b) hyperlink
c) plugin
Ans.b) hyperlink
d) none of the mentioned

23. Angular JS is a Java Script opens source front end framework that is mainly
used to develop single page. 

a) True
b) False

24. Internet initial development was supported by:
a) Communication 
b) Information Retrieval
c) Presentation of Information 
d) All of the above 
Ans.d) All of the above 

25. What does http stands for?
a) HTML Text transfer Protocol
b) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
c) High Transfer Tier program
d) HTML type Transfer Protocol

26. A computer on Internet are identified by __________.
a) MAC Address
b) IP address
c) Server Address
d) System Address
Ans. b) IP address 4.6

27. An Internet address is: 
a) 4 bits in length 
b) 8 bits in length 
c) 16 bits in length 
d) 32 bits in length
Ans. 32 bits in length

28. The process of trading goods over the Internet is known as:
a) Trading
b) Dropshipping
c) E-commerce
d) Affiliate Marketing
Ans. c) E-commerce

29. World Wide Web was
proposed by:
a) Internet infrastructure and service
b) Network infrastructure and service
c) Web infrastructure and service
d) WWW infrastructure and service
Ans. a)

 30. Which of the following is a web server?
 a) Mozilla Firefox
b) Postfix
c) Bind
d) Apache
Ans.d) Apache

31. It is an application that stores the Web pages requested by the user:
a) Clent Server
b) Web server
c) Cloud Memory
d) Cloud Server
Ans. b) Web server

32. The vast network of computers that connects millions of people all over the world is called)
a) www
b) Server
c) Network
d) Internet
Ans. d) Internet

33. Protocol is used for WWW:
a) SP
b) IPs
Ans. c) HTTP

34. Which one of the following is not used to generate dynamic web pages?
a) PHP 
c) JSP 
d) None
Ans.d) None

35. Main protocol used in
a) TCP/IP 
Ans. a) TCP/IP 

36. This is an internet forum to discuss a wide range of topics like current news, articles and current affairs, etc)
a) E-Discussion 
b) Newsgroups
c) Chatting 
d) E-Learning
Ans.b) Newsgroups

37. A Student used combination of PHP, MYSQL, and HTML for his project. What
type of website developed by Student?
a) Static
b) Dynamic
c) Blog
d) Coding website
Ans.b) Dynamic 

38. The Internet is the ____
a) Network of Network
b) an ocean of resources waiting to be mined
c) a cooperative anarchy
d) All of the above
Ans.d) All of the above

39. Moving from one website to another is called
a) Searching
b) Browsing
c) Pinging
d) Moving
Ans. b) Browsing

40. Information sent to the computer that is used later to give information back to a visited website.
a) Browsing History
b) Host
c) Backup


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