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In this post, we cover all important Questions from the topic "Photo Editor".

These MCQs will definitely help to pass IT and Computer students in any exam and interview that have Photo Editor topic.

The Photo Editor chapter covers the following topics:

1. Features of Photo Editing.

2. Tools: Selection Tools, Paint Tools ,Transform Tools, Text Tool.

3. Layers, Brightness/ Contrast.

4. Improve Colors and tone.

5. Filters.

After completion of the Photo Editor unit, Students are expected to be able to edit
images and embed in web pages.

Photo Editor MCQs

Here are the 35 most important and frequently asked MCQs from the  "Photo Editor" topic.

1. Which tool is used to spray colors in MS paint ?

a) Fill color      
b) Airbrush      
c) brush           
d) Calibri brush
Ans. b

2. What cannot be drawn with the use of line tool?
a) circle           
b) square         
c) rectangle     
d) diamond
Ans. a

3. Which tools is used to trace a freehand selection like a drawing with a
a. Lasso tool
b. Free hand
c. Drawing Tool
d. Edit brush 
Ans.b. Free hand

4. In MS Paint which tool is used to make your drawing colorful?
a) Toolbox       
b) Menu Box               
c) Color Box                
d) Shapes
Ans. c

5. The words "bitmap" and "raster" are used to describe the same type of image.
Ans. a. True

6. MS Paint file saved as _______.
a) .doc             
b) .xml             
c) .bmp            
d) .html
Ans. c

7. The shortcut key of magic wand is W.
a. True
b. False
Ans.a. True

8. Which tool is used to draw a circle in MS paint?
a) Ellipse         
b) draw            
c) Curve           
d) Oval
Ans. d

8. Which of the following tool is not available in the Ribbon Bar?
a) Clipboard                
b) Image          
c) Tool             
d) View
Ans. d

9. What we called the area where we can draw shapes and pictures ?
a) print area                
b) Drawing area          
c) color area               
d) empty area
Ans. b

10. Which of the following extension we can save  MS Paint file
a) .png             
b) .bmp            
c) .jpg              
d) All of these
Ans. d

11. Which tool is used for  Zoom a part of Drawing in MS Paint ?
a) Magnifier    
b) select          
c) text              
d) view
Ans. a

12. What keyboard shortcut would you use to undo the last edit?
a. Cmd+Z/Ctrl+Z
b. Cmd+U/Ctrl+U
c. Option+Z/Alt+Z
d. Option+U/Ctrl+U
Ans. a. Cmd+Z/Ctrl+Z

13. Which of the following software replace the MS Paint in Windows 10
a) Paint 3D      
b) New MS Paint         
c) Paint 3D      
d) Universal Paint
Ans. c

15. MS Paint application is available in which of the following operating system ?
a) Linux           
b) Windows     
c) DOS             
Ans. b

14. Which tool is used to give color to the shapes ?
a) Fill Color     
b) Spray Paint              
c) Eraser          
d) Text
Ans. a

15. Basic adjustment curves can be constructed using four slides.
a. True
b. False
Ans.a. True

16. Which tool is used to draw free-form line with the selected line width?
a) Pencil          
b) text              
c) line              
d) curve
Ans. a

17. __________ tools creates_shapes and paths.
a. Rectangular
b. Brush
c. Elliptical
d. Nib width
Ans.a. Rectangular

18. __________ adjust the size of the brush. 
a. Rectangular
b. Brush
c. Elliptical
d. Nib width
Ans.d. Nib width

19. In MS Paint which bar contains option- select, crop, resize and rotate ?
a) image          
b) tool              
c) shape           
d) color
Ans. a

20. __________ is type of selection tool.
a. Rectangular
b. Brush
c. Elliptical
d. Nib width
Ans.c. Elliptical

21. Magic hand tool is also known as magic wand.
a. True
b. False
Ans.a. True

22. Which tool is used to add formatted text to a Photo?
a. Text tool
b. Edit tool 
c. Image tool
d. None of the above 
Ans.a. Text tool

23. The zoom level of a document affects its output size.
Ans.b. False

24. Which bar is used for moving the page up and down in MS Paint?
a) Vertical Scroll bar   
b) Status bar    
c) Horizontal Scroll Bar           
d) Title bar
Ans. a

25. Standard tab has___________ sets of sliders.
a. Two
b. Three 
c. Four
d. Five
Ans.a. Two

26. Rectangular section tool is a type of lasso tool.
a. True
b. False
Ans.b. False

27. __________ strokes remove all brush strokes from the image.
a.  Clear all brush
b. Clear all strokes
c. Clear all 
d. Remove all brush
Ans.a Clear all brush

28. Which tool is used to write name in MS Paint ?
a) Text tool                  
b) Line tool                  
c) Pencil tool               
d) Brush tool
Ans. a

2. How many selection tools are available in photo editing
a. Two
b. Three 
c. Four
d. Five
Ans.d. Five

29. __________ is a basic photo editing tool.
a. Rectangular
b. Brush
c. Elliptical
d. ib width
Ans.b. Brush

30. What is the Default Background color in MS Paint?
a) Yellow         
b) Aqua            
c) Blue                         
d) White
Ans. d

31. Which of the following is the latest version of Photo Editor
a. Version 7
b. Version 8 
c. Version 9
d. Version 10
Ans.d. Version 10 

32. What is the Default  Foreground color in MS Paint ?
a) white           
b) black           
c) red               
d) yellow
Ans. b

33. Adjust color differences, brightness and balances RGB channels through auto contrast.
a. True
b. False
Ans.b. False

34. Magnifier, Eraser, Fill color tools are available in MS Paint ?
a) Toolbox       
b)  Menu bar               
c) color box     
d) status bar
Ans. a

35. Which key is used to draw straight line in MS Paint ?
a) Ctrl              
b) shift             
c) Alt                
d) window
Ans. b

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