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 O Level Study Materials 

Paper 1: M1-R5: IT Tools & Basics of Networks Chapterwise MCQs Notes 

Chapter1: Introduction to Computer MCQs
Chapter2: Introduction to Operating System MCQs
Chapter3: Word Processing MCQs
Chapter4: Spreadsheet MCQs
Chapter5: Presentation MCQs
Chapter6: Introduction to Internet and WWW MCQs
Chapter7: E-mail, Social Networking, and e-Governance Services MCQs
Chapter8: Digital Financial Tools and Applications MCQs
Chapter9: Overview of Futureskills and Cyber Security MCQs

Paper 2: M2-R5: Web Designing & Publishing Chapterwise MCQs Notes 

Chapter 1:  Introduction to Web Design MCQs
Chapter 2: Editors MCQs
Chapter 3: HTML MCQs
Chapter 4: CSS MCQs
Chapter 5: CSS Framework MCQs
Chapter 6: Javascript and Angular Js MCQs
Chapter 7: Photo Editor MCQs
Chapter 8: Web Publishing and Browsing MCQs

M3-R5: Programming and Problem Solving through
Python Language 
Chapterwise MCQs Notes 

100 Important CCC MCQs

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